2016 Halloween Events in Dallas

Halloween Fun in Dallas

Halloween Events in Dallas It’s October in Dallas again, and Halloween is right around the corner. Like any holiday in the DFW, we don’t mess around. We work hard and play hard, and when it’s Halloween, we definitely play hard! This year, there are some wonderful events around town that are sure to please everyone […]

Mini Vacations to Take in Dallas

Dallas Mini Vacations

Even though the summer vacation season has come to an end, our mild Texas temps make it easy to get away from it all throughout the year. Near the Dallas metropolitan area, there are plenty of fantastic mini vacation options. To help you in your quest for the perfect mini vacation destination, we’ve created a […]

Can’t Miss Memorial Day Events in Dallas 2016

With the unofficial start of summer kicking off this weekend, we Dallas folks are ready to party. Sure, the winters aren’t as severe here as they are up north, but there’s still a spirit of summer that’s unique to Dallas, and when it comes time to celebrate Memorial day, we do it in style. So […]

Just Exactly How “Dallas” Are You? – Dallas Trivia

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

So you come from a long line of oil barons, you’ve got season tickets to the Cowboys games, and you’re distantly related to Doctor Phil? Big whoop. The only way to prove you’re a real Dallasite is by displaying your knowledge. To help you do so we’ve put together a quiz that proves just how “Dallas” […]

Most Wanted Gifts in Dallas – 2015

Three gift-wrapped presents

Photo courtesy. Have your naughty and nice list all sorted? Great! Now it’s time to get some presents. Remember, the real meaning of Christmas is to give, not receive. Just make sure you’re giving the gifts that people actually want. Sure, everybody likes cash, but where’s the joy in opening an envelope? To help give […]

Holiday Events in Dallas

Photo Credit Preparing for the holiday season? There are so many events going on around Dallas that it can be hard to choose which ones to attend. Here is a list of holiday events by date as well as occurring events in the Dallas area. Holiday Events in Dallas by Date December 1: A Christmas […]

Hang Your Christmas Lights with Fewer Hassles

Photo courtesy. It’s that time of year again – the holiday season. We may not get any snow in Dallas but that doesn’t mean you can’t go all out with some festive Christmas lights. Here are a few tips to help get you started. Plan your design Always start with a plan.  You may be […]

5 Things to do on Halloween Weekend in Dallas 2015

It’s October in Dallas again, and Halloween is right around the corner. This year there are some wonderful events around town that are sure to please everyone looking to get into the spirit of the holiday. Here are five great options. Boo At the Zoo If you’re looking for some family fun in Fort Worth, […]

The 5 Best Haunted Houses in Dallas

Photo courtesy. Visiting a haunted house is one of the most fun and time-honored Halloween traditions. It gives you a chance to experience a healthy dose of fright and gets you into the Halloween spirit. Each year a number of haunted houses in the Dallas area give you and your friends plenty of opportunities to […]

10 Things Every Out-Of-Towner Should Know About Dallas

Photo courtesy. You might wonder if the TV classic Dallas is an accurate reflection of the dynasties in this fascinating city. Well, don’t let the many billionaires that live here fool you. There’s more to Dallas than you might think. If you’re headed to the Lone Star State, here are ten things you’ll want to […]