Will Tiny Homes Take Over Dallas?

Are Tiny Homes Becoming More Popular

In Texas, small is becoming… big. What exactly are we talking about? Homes! Tiny homes are growing rapidly in popularity for a number of reasons. In this post we examine what’s behind this trend, and why the status quo might be worth breaking. A Lifestyle Revolution Tiny houses have become so popular that many people […]

2015’s Biggest Stories in Dallas Real Estate

Dallas Office Buildings and Real Estate

As the sun sets on 2015, it’s time to reflect on some of the biggest stories in the Dallas real estate world from the past year. Which deals were exciting, shook things up, or proved to be influential? Read on to find out! Massive Appreciation While this isn’t so much a story as it is […]

Predictions: Dallas Housing Market in 2016

Dallas downtown skyline

There has been a lot of speculation over how the Dallas housing market will perform in 2016, and most of it has been extremely positive. PwC recently released their annual “Markets to Watch” report, ranking Dallas as the number one city to watch for 2016. Their report ranks cities via broad analysis of investment, development, […]

Crowdfunding Investing Pros & Cons

Crowdfunding gives investors an opportunity to gain access to a potential pool of money without dealing with the headaches that are normally associated with traditional and hard money loans. Investors can now tap into big networks of people who are interested in backing viable real estate deals. Popular social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, […]

Could Low Oil Prices Sink the Dallas Real Estate Market in 2015? Experts Doubt It

Is 2015 set to be another strong year for Dallas real estate? All signs point to yes (Photo courtesy). It’s been almost 30 years since North Texas has seen a real estate boom like the one it’s currently experiencing, and a little uncertainty in the petroleum market won’t mean the end of it. That’s at […]

Dallas Home Construction Still Hot, But Cooldown Could Be on the Horizon

Following a trend we’re seeing throughout Texas, the Metroplex’s home construction sector has continued to pick up steam throughout 2014. The Dallas-Fort Worth area just wrapped up Q3 with an 8 percent year-over-year improvement in housing starts, despite a significant drop in starts for homes priced under $200,000. That’s according to new data released by […]

The Zombie Foreclosure Apocalypse?

Despite the fact foreclosures have dropped, zombie foreclosures are becoming a big problem Zombies are the in “item” right now. For whatever reason people love these undead creatures that wander around and munch on humans. From “Zombieland” to the popular AMC show “The Walking Dead,” people just can’t enough zombies. In terms of real estate, […]

No Need To Get Checked, Invest In Real Estate

The time put your money in real estate, especially in Dallas and Fort Worth, has not been as good as it is right now. Both rank as the top two markets in the country. Photo courtesy of seniorliving. There was a time if you willing invested in real estate, you needed to get checked out. […]

Dallas-Fort Worth: Ready Your Home For Robbery

Numbers have declined in the Dallas-Fort Worth area when it comes to residential burglary, but take the lead to limit the risk now. Photo courtesy of farm4.staticflickr.com/3599/3612094774_16d4c73a3c_z.jpg Better to be safe than sorry. Learn it. Live it. Practice it. No matter what you’re talking about this classic phrase applies. Since we’re talking about home invasion […]

Is Dallas Ready For Tiny Homes?

There is nothing like the experience of building of your own home. The selection of what goes where, how it looks … the process makes it “your” home. The home is all you. But some, most, never get the rush and pride one feels when they build their new home. Why? The biggest culprit is […]